After our earlier post, we can hardly say we were surprised to hear this morning that the fast-growing Polish airlines, OLT Express had suddenly suspended all its flights. Earlier in the week they had announced that they would return all their regional aircraft to the leasing companies (including some only just delivered). Now, it looks as if the whole Polish operation has closed and the new services to Britain planned for the autumn will not happen.

To the best of our knowledge, Inside Traveller was the only British publication to suggest that readers would be better using other airlines from Britain to Poland – at least until the new routes had been in operation for some time and the serious doubts about the company’s credibility had been overcome.

Where this leaves the newly-acquired German airlines is anyone’s guess.

Meanwhile, we wonder if this will have any impact on the ultimate owner of the companies – the investment company, Amber Gold.

We can’t help but feel this story is not even half-way over yet.

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