Every month Inside Traveller contains the following invaluable ‘inside’ information…

News – Inside Traveller presents a summary of all the important news stories (from the launch of new routes to the latest travel bargains, and from air safety issues to mergers and acquisitions), making it quick and easy for you to check for anything of relevance to your own travel arrangements or interests. Stories are clearly titled, kept short, and are presented on a country by country basis. If you want further information about any news story we’ve covered, we will be delighted to supply you with additional reference material without charge.

Editorial – The Editor of Inside Traveller , Dr David Stone, writes on one or more topics of interest. With over thirty years experience in the travel industry he is well placed to analyse the news, highlight trends, and make predictions. Dr Stone rarely flies less than 100,000 miles a year, and his hands-on expertise gives Inside Traveller its unique edge.

Why Pay Retail? – Jack Rosenbloom, the travel journalist, contributes a regular article on how to save money or enjoy other benefits – wherever you travel and no matter how you get there. Hotels, car rental, serviced apartments, telephone calls, lounge pass schemes, cruises, rail travel … Jack covers it all. If it’s deals you’re after then this column alone will recoup your subscription price to Inside Traveller many times over. In fact, we guarantee it.

Web Wise – A review of the best travel-related web sites; advice on booking travel and accommodation over the net; other savings and benefits which arise from using the world wide web; plus discount deals and special offers.

The Inside Word – We are fortunate enough to retain the services of a senior manager from within one of the world’s most popular airlines. For obvious reasons he prefers to remain anonymous, as his employers would doubtless dispense with his services if they were aware that he was contributing to this newsletter. The Inside Word is not a lengthy column, but it makes up for this in the quality of the information it contains. Indeed, we doubt that you will find such an invaluable source of inside information and tips from any other publication in the world. In a nutshell, The Inside Word contains facts which no airline wants members of the general public to know.

Features – Every copy of Inside Traveller carries two or three longer, more detailed feature articles. For instance, in a typical issue we might cover the benefits of becoming your own travel agent, the best value annual travel insurance plans, international bargain shopping, and a comparison of leg room on the world’s major carriers.

Frequent Flyer Update – As the new budget airlines eat into the scheduled air travel market, the main carriers are increasingly turning to their Frequent Flyer programmes to retain and reward their customers. Following on from the airlines’ lead, other travel organisations from car rental firms to hotel groups have also introduced generous loyalty schemes. In this regular column we summarise the month’s key loyalty programme developments, covering everything from special promotions through to extra miles or points, and even comparisons between what you can earn on the same routes from different airlines. We also thoroughly analyse at least one major loyalty scheme per month.

Ask the Experts – Our panel of experts and professional researchers answer your queries. Indeed, we promise to answer every query regardless of whether we use the letter for publication, or not.